Spring Term 4

Human and Physical Geography

Our Big question for the Spring term 4 is ‘How are places different?’ We are going to be Geographers, exploring and learning a lot about human and physical geography and comparing similarities and differences of different countries around the globe.

Our PE days this term will be on a Tuesday and Thursday. Please ensure your child wears their PE kit to school on these days. We have still got an awful lot of school jumpers that are not named – we cannot take responsibility for unnamed clothing, so it is essential that all school uniform is labelled clearly with their name.

Lockdown Learning Spring 2021

Week 2 (1.3.21-5.3.21)

Friday 5th March

Thursday 4th March

Wednesday 3rd March

Tuesday 2nd March

Monday 1st March

Week 1 (22.2.21-26.2.21)

Friday 26th February 2021

Thursday 25th February

Wednesday 24th February

Tuesday 23rd February

Monday 22nd February

Spring Term 3

Week 6 (8.2.21-12.2.21)

Friday 12th February

Thursday 11th February

Wednesday 10th February

Tuesday 9th February

Monday 8th February

Week 5 (1.2.21-5.2.21)

Friday 5th February

Thursday 4th February

Wednesday 3rd February

Tuesday 2nd February

Monday 1st February

Week 4 (25.1.21-29.1.21)

Friday 29th January

Thursday 28th January

Wednesday 27th January

Tuesday 26th January

Monday 25th January

Week 3 (18.1.21-22.1.21)

Friday 22nd January

Thursday 21st January

Wednesday 20th January

Tuesday 19th January

Monday 18th January

Week 2 ( 11.1.21-15.1.21)

Friday 15th January

Thursday 14th January

Wednesday 13th January

Tuesday 12th January

Monday 11th January

Week 1 (4.1.21-8.1.21)

Fabulous learning from week 1

To be continued…Take One Picture

Spring 1: Art, DT and Music

A Big welcome to Jade Class.

Welcome back, we hope you enjoyed the Christmas break.

Our topic for the Spring term 1 is Take One Picture.  We will be joining Katie on an adventure, as she steps through some artwork in an art gallery. We will be exploring and learning with her about Claude Monet and different media and techniques as we paint, sculpt and construct our own masterpieces.

Our PE days are Tuesday and Thursday. So please come dressed in your PE kit and be prepared to stay in them all day.

For our topic learning we will be focusing on the following questions: 

  • What is an artist?
  • Does an artist always use paints?
  • What different media could you use to create a piece of art work?
  • Who is Claude Monet?
  • What inspires his art work?
  • What is a sculpture?
  • How can you change how you create your art work for effect?
  • Can you name 2 different techniques you have learnt?
  • How has the Claude Monet influenced my art?
  • Which is your favourite Claude Monet painting and why?

Spring 1

Autumn Term 2

Autumn Term 1

I look forward to seeing you soon!

From Mrs Stone

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