Governing Body

Welcome to the Governance section.

As the Chair of Governors, it gives me great pleasure in welcoming you to Corsham Regis Primary Academy. I lead a highly committed and active governing body who place inclusivity, care and wellbeing of pupils and staff at the heart of everything we do.

Our Vision is aligned with The Corsham School Academy Group. Corsham Regis will:

  1. Promote the highest standards of teaching and learning and see them reflected in academic achievement
  2. Use the evaluation and sharing of good practice to impact on teaching and learning
  3. Commit to a balanced, enriched curriculum
  4. Invest in, use and apply the best technologies
  5. Provide a safe and calm environment in which all young people can learn, grow and develop values which strengthen a positive community
  6. Encourage our students to be considerate, courteous and to show pride in their school
  7. Stimulate the involvement and commitment of all parents and carers
  8. Commit to the support and Continuing Professional Development of every member of staff
  9. Provide high-quality facilities within a clean and well-managed environment.

The governing body comprises people from many different backgrounds and it is our responsibility to provide strategic direction as well challenge and support the Senior Leadership Team.

This involves such things as:

  • Ensuring the wellness, health and safety of students and staff
  • Oversight of the School Improvement Plan
  • Ensuring the budget is well financed and spent for best value for all
  • Making sure that the curriculum is well balanced and enriched
  • Producing and reviewing school policies
  • Assisting with the appointment of staff
  • Monitoring and scrutinising levels of attendance and behaviour
  • Dealing with complaints against the school

All schools are measured on the amount of academic, social, and emotional progress pupils make and it is clear that the progress of the children in any school is heavily influenced by the support they receive at home as well as at school. Parents and carers are very much part of our school community and we encourage you to get as involved as possible. Please reach out to the school if you would like to get more involved, either as a governor, supporting PTA events or any other capacity you can. All governors and trustees are recognisable by our black Governor lanyards, so next time you see one of us, have a chat.

 Mr Chris Denton, Chair of the Corsham Regis Local Governing Body

Below is a table of Governors’ Key Focus Areas for 2021-2022. We work in small committees in most cases so we can support each other in our roles.

Clerk to the Governors: Michelle Hocking

Name  Status at SchoolDirectorship/Trusteeship held or Employment  Any Financial Benefit Derived from Corsham Regis Primary Academy (except salaries if staff)?Term of OfficeLocal Governing Body Meetings Attendance Record (2019/20)
Chris Denton  Parent Governor Chair of Governors  PPG – Chemical ManufacturerNone27/09/2017 – 26/09/ 20216 of 6
Abby Symons  Acting HeadteacherActing Headteacher at the schoolNone16/07/2018 – 15/07/2022  5 of 6
Jacqui Wilmshurst  Staff GovernorTA at the schoolNone01/10/18 – 30/09/2022  2 of 6  
Anthony Monaghan  Parent GovernorSiemens Mobility Engineer  None20/12/2018 – 19/12/20226 of 6
Jessica Bonser  Co-opted GovernorTeacher (another school)None14/01/2019 – 13/01/2023  5 of 6
Alan BrownCo-opted GovernorRetiredNone15/07/2019 – 14/07/20236 of 6
Robert HitchinCo-opted GovernorRetiredNone16/03/2020 – 15/03/20243 of 3
Antonia Ramsey  Co-opted GovernorThe Pound Arts CentreNone14/09/2020 – 13/09/2024  N/A
Victoria NaudiParent GovernorCivil ServantNone13/11/2020 – 12/11/2024N/A
  Past Governors (in post for some or all of the academic year 2018/19)
  Name  Status at School  Directorship/Trusteeship held or Employment  Any Financial Benefit Derived from Corsham Regis Primary Academy (except salaries if staff)?  Term of Office  Local Governing Body Meetings Attendance Record (2019/20)
  Suzanne Vigus    Community/Co-opted Governor    Carer/Student  None  Resigned 05/03/3030  1 of 4
  Philip Hilling    Parent Governor  None  None  Resigned 16/03/2020  1 of 3
  Gareth Spicer    Headteacher Staff GovernorHeadteacher, Corsham Regis Primary Academy
Director, The Corsham School Academy Group  
    None  02/09/2014 (ex officio)  6 of 6
  Keith Shepperson    Parent Governor Co-opted Governor  Teacher  NoneResigned 14/09/2020    5 of 6

Meeting dates for 2020/2021:

14th September 2020

9th November 2020

11th January 2021

15th March 2021

[7th June 2021]

12th July 2021


  • Minutes are available upon request at the School Office.
  • Details of our accounts can be found on the Governance section of our sponsors, The Corsham Academy School Group’s website:

Contact the Governors

Should you wish to contact the governors, please email [email protected] or pass a note to the School Office. Our governors are also present in school/attend various school events and are very approachable!