Autumn Term 1

Who were the ancient Egyptians?

This term, we are going to be finding out about the Ancient Egyptians and how they lived and what they believed in. We will also be exploring how some of their inventions helped to change the world.

PE is on Thursday and Fridays

Please remember to read at home, practise your tables and learn any new spellings.

This term you could:

Using the words Ancient Egypt, write an acrostic poem.

Choose an ancient Egyptian god or goddess and create a fact file about them.

Invent a new set of hieroglyphics and use them to write your name and the names of three others.

Write 10 questions for a quiz on Ancient Egypt.

Make a model of a pharaoh’s death mask.

Construct a pyramid using any suitable material.

Write down 10 questions you would ask Tutankhamun.

Draw a picture of Tutankhamun and write paragraphs about him.

Chatter Topics

  1. What was life like in Ancient Egypt?
  2. What did the Ancient Egyptians believe in?
  3. What did the Ancient Egyptians do in their spare time?
  4. Why is Tutankhamun so famous?
  5. Why did the Ancient Egyptians build pyramids?
  6. What did the Ancient Egyptians invent?
  7. What did the Ancient Egyptians eat?
  8. Why was the River Nile so important to the Ancient Egyptians?
  9. How did the Ancient Egyptians communicate?
  10. What is mummification and why did the Ancient Egyptians mummify the dead?



Top Marks

Maths Frame

BBC Bitesize Ancient Egyptians


Primary Homework Help

Kids Kiddle