Curriculum Intent 2021-2023

Our curriculum is designed to follow the National Curriculum and follows a 2 year rolling programme of essential skills and knowledge mapped out across the year groups to ensure progression.

Across our curriculum topics, it is our intent for our pupils to learn:

How to communicate using appropriate vocabulary

About Corsham and their local area

Through experiences inside and beyond the classroom

New knowledge and understanding appropriate to their age

How to keep themselves safe

These 5 intentions underpin our curriculum because we want our pupils to have a love of learning which they can share, a sense of understanding and pride of where they live, and be safe in different situations.

Our curriculum may alter according to national or local events that may relate to the children e.g. Olympics 2020, VE celebrations, Literacy festivals etc.

Our curriculum is progressive. Pupils build upon skills and knowledge each year so over the course of their school life, they will develop and revisit skills in a spiral curriculum. This will ensure that knowledge and skills are embedded.

Each term the children will have a big question to try and answer; this will be the intent of the teaching and enable cross curricular learning. These are recorded on the medium-term plans for each year group which can be found on the class webpages.

Knowledge organisers are used throughout the school and focus on the knowledge being taught along with the vocabulary and skills that we want the children to learn. These are found in the front of children’s topic books and referred to throughout the sequence of learning

The children’s retention of knowledge is monitored and developed through weekly Topic Talk Time in class where the children discuss prior learning and have an opportunity to develop and extend their knowledge and understanding further through careful questioning and repetition. Evidence of these sessions is recorded in floor books.

In the foundation subjects, the knowledge and understanding to be gained from the National Curriculum are referred to as Essential Milestones.  This is what we intend for our pupils to know and be able to do, at different stages of their education and by the time they leave Corsham Regis:

  • By the end of Year 2, pupils are expected to have achieved Milestone 1
  • By the end of Year 4, pupils are expected to have achieved Milestone 2
  • By the end of Year 6, pupils are expected to have achieved Milestone 3

As well as academic knowledge, we value and celebrate the characteristics of excellent learners. To achieve this we learn from the LORIC characters below whom we have discovered from our investment in PiXL (Partners in Excellence) . These skills are celebrated through our whole school reward system. LORIC stickers are awarded for each of the different skills and stickers placed on class charts. When children receive 10 stickers for one of the skills they are awarded with a button badge of that colour to wear. Each class teacher selects a child to be a LORIC champion each week, they are awarded with a lanyard to wear the following week and given a certificate to take home. The awards are presented in a whole school celebration assembly.

Profound Learning 2021-2023

Curriculum maps 2021-23

National Curriculum

To find out more about our curriculum please contact our office and ask to meet with a member of the Senior Leadership Team: Mrs Abby Symons, Mrs Ceri Stone, Mrs Abi Doe or Mrs Gemma Morris

Telephone: 01249 712294