Sports Crew

Our Sports Crew for 2021-22 is coming soon!

Year 6 pupils applied for positions to provide the Headteacher with information about different aspects of the PE curriculum from a pupil’s perspective and report their findings back to the Academy.

The job description is below.

Job description for a Sports Crew member: As part of the Sports Crew you will support the PE Leader and all other staff members to find ways of improving the learning experiences at Corsham Regis for all pupils. Your role will include looking at the teaching, learning and assessment that goes on in lessons inside and out. You must be prepared to share your findings and the views of other pupils with the Senior Leadership Team, the teaching staff, members of the Corsham Regis Local Governing Body and the pupils.

Essential Qualities:

Excellent listening skills Willing to respect the views of others Approachable Represent your peers confidently and good at explaining things Able to work co-operatively with others Make informed decisions Reliable and willing to give up some of your own time to attend meetings Enthusiastic and energetic

Desirable Qualities:

Flexible and adaptable Enjoy having the opportunity to solve problems Willing to consider what is best for everyone at the school Be prepared not to be popular with everyone Has lots of new ideas Shows initiative Mr Spicer has now met with the new Sports Crew: Elizabeth, Georgia, Jessica, Taya and Ruby, and they have already started looking at ways in which we can evaluate and improve the quality of teaching and learning of PE at our school.