Academy Council 2023-2024!

Achievements so far 2023-2024…

Friday 26th April 2024, the Academy Council designed and ran obstacle courses, one for KS1 and one for KS2 for all the children to complete in return for a donation towards purchasing a basket ball hoop with a back board for the Key Stage Two playground. they Raised a fantastic £85 towards their goal!

Sports Club is running every Tuesday lunchtime, run by sports leaders, who are also Academy Council members. There is a dedicated area coned off on the KS2 playground and 4 children from each class can attend each week to join in with team games and sports skills. This has been a huge success and helps to support our Year 6 pupils develop their leadership skills in readiness for secondary school and beyond.

Academy Council members for 2023-2024 are…

Year 1- Iris and Archie

Year 2-Florence and Octavia

Year 3-Remi and Freya

Year 4-Olivia T and William

Year 5-Charlie and Amelia

Year 6-Frankie and Georgianna

Achievements from 22-23…

The Academy Council set up and run a uniform swap shop and ran a stall at our summer fair. As a result of their passion and hard work, we now have a well stocked pre- loved uniform rail for families to access. this is part of our mission to be an affordable school.

The academy council worked together in response to our parent survey which took place in November 2022 to improve our Key stage Two playground and promote active play by getting new playground markings and voting on the design of a new height chart that was installed in March 2023.

We used:

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Academy Council striving to meet our attendance target of 96%

The Academy Pupil Council works alongside the Headteacher to make the school a better place. The Academy Pupil Council comprises of children from across the school. Two children from each class (Year 1 up to Year 6) are voted on to the council each year by their classmates. They attend termly meetings and are responsible for representing and feeding back to their classmates

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