Our Vision, Values and Ethos

  1. Promote the highest standards of teaching and learning and see them reflected in academic achievement
  2. Use the evaluation and sharing of good practice to impact on teaching and learning
  3. Commit to a balanced, enriched curriculum
  4. Invest in, use and apply the best technologies
  5. Provide a safe and calm environment in which all young people can learn, grow and develop values which strengthen a positive community
  6. Encourage our students to be considerate, courteous and to show pride in their school
  7. Stimulate the involvement and commitment of all parents and carers
  8. Commit to the support and Continuing Professional Development of every member of staff
  9. Provide high-quality facilities within a clean and well-managed environment.

At Corsham Regis Primary Academy we believe that:

The child is at the heart of our Academy and is the driving force behind our vision of education.
Safeguarding and promoting the welfare of pupils and young people is of paramount importance. 

We Inspire Encourage Achieve

We believe all children should have the opportunities to:

Explore the world in ways that suit their individual needs.
Develop skills for life-long learning
Develop attitudes and values that will prepare them for life in our varied society.
Recognise and understand their vital role within society.