Who’s Who from September 2021

Senior Leadership Team

Headteacher: Mrs Abby Symons

Deputy Headteacher, Early Years Key Stage 1 Leader: Mrs Ceri Stone

Senior Teacher Leading Inclusion: Mrs Gemma Morris

Key Stage 2 Leader: Mrs Abi Doe

Class Teachers

Fox : Mrs Ceri Stone – FS2 & Year 1

Dickens: Mrs Emma Tremellen – Years 1 & 2

Brunel: Mrs Ali Wicheard and Mrs Kate Bagnall – Year 3

Mason: Mrs Karen Duffield and Mrs Gemma Morris – Years 4 & 5

Millward: Mrs Sarah Harris and Mrs Rebecca Waugh (Mrs Lauren Randall, currently on Maternity leave)- Year 4 & 5

LJ Turner: Mrs Abi Doe – Year 6

Teaching Assistants:

Mrs Donna Gingell

Mrs Sheila Pike

Mrs Anne Price

Mrs Maria Smith

Miss Michelle Burke

Mrs Laura Di Pisa

Mrs Natacha Monaghan

Miss Molly Lygo

Midday Supervisory Assistants

Mrs Donna Gingell

Miss Molly Lygo

Mrs Maria Smith

Mrs Helen Docherty

Miss Leah Pearce

Mrs Natacha Monaghan

Miss Emma Docherty

Mrs Alexandra Rafferty

Administration Team

Administration and Resources Manager: Mrs Tracie Brewer

Administration Assistant: Mrs Angelica Hunt

Site and cleaning staff

Cleaner: Mrs Sheila Woodham

Site Manager & Cleaner: Mr Martin Hancock