Spring Term 4

Human and Physical Geography

Welcome back to Spring Term 4

This term, our topic is ‘What is an island?’ We will be focussing on the countries that make up the United Kingdom and comparing and contrasting key human and physical features. As well as learning about other islands just off the UK, such as the Scilly Isles, we will also find out about islands around the world and use Google Earth to explore them further. Our reading will also link in with this topic and we will be sharing the Michael Morpurgo story ‘Why the Whales Came’ which is set on the Scilly Isles, just off the Cornish coast.

PE will be on Mondays and Wednesdays, so please remember to wear your PE kit.

Lockdown Learning Spring 2021

Week 2 (1.3.21-5.3.21)

Our learning this week

Friday 5th March

Thursday 4th March

Wednesday 3rd March

Tuesday 2nd March

Monday 1st March

Week 1 (22.2.21-26.2.21)

Our learning this week

Friday 26th February

Thursday 25th February

Wednesday 24th February

Tuesday 23rd February

Monday 22nd February

Spring Term 3

Week 6 (8.2.21-12.2.21)

Our learning this week

Friday 12th February

Thursday 11th February

Wednesday 10th February

Tuesday 9th February

Monday 8th February

Week 5 (1.2.21-5.2.21)

Our learning this week

Friday 5th February

Thursday 4th February

Wednesday 3rd February

Tuesday 2nd February

Monday 1st February

Week 4 (25.1.21-29.1.21)

Our learning this week

Friday 29th January

Thursday 28th January

Wednesday 27th January

Tuesday 26th January

Monday 25th January

Week 3 (18.1.21-22.1.21)

Our learning this week

Friday 22nd January

Thursday 21st January

Wednesday 20th January

Tuesday 19th January

Monday 18th January

Week 2 ( 11.1.21-15.1.21)

Our learning this week

Friday 15th January

Thursday 14th January

Wednesday 13th January

Tuesday 12th January

Monday 11th January

Week 1 ( 4.1.21-8.1.21)

Our learning this week

Friday 8th January

Thursday 7th January

Wednesday 6th January

Spring Term 1 to be continued…

The Arts

What is the power of art?

Welcome back to 2021.

This term, our topic is called ‘Take One Picture’, we will be focusing on the question: What is the power of art? We will be learning all about Picasso and his art.

PE information to follow.

Please remember to read at home and practice times tables

Homework to follow soon.

Showing off the wonderful Garnet Class!

Children in Need 2020

We made mobiles for the sunshine stop.

Autumn Term 2

Autumn Term 1

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