At Corsham Regis, we have devised a creative curriculum that allows the children’s key skills to be developed and implemented across the subjects.

Children are taught a range of historical knowledge and skills through a variety of activities.  These skills are met throughout their school years and develop according to the children’s ability.  They encourage expansion of the children’s knowledge and understanding of time and events in the past, as well as patterns and processes and the effect of historical events on our lives today

How to communicate using appropriate vocabulary

FS2 children look at the lives of people who are familiar to them; remember and talk about significant events in their own experiences; recognise and describe special times or events for family or friends and look closely at similarities, differences, patterns and change.

In KS1, the children are taught to use appropriate historical vocabulary to communicate, including: dates; time period; era; change; and chronology.

At KS2 level, children build on their learning from KS1 and are also taught to use appropriate historical vocabulary to communicate the following: continuity; century; decade; and legacy.

Across the whole school, pupils use writing, maths and computing skills in order to communicate information about the past, as well using original ways to present information and ideas.

About Corsham and their local area

At Foundation level and KS1, the pupils study people and places in their own locality. This includes going on school trips to local places or walks around the local area, in order for the children to get a first-hand experience.

Whilst at Key Stage 2, the pupils build on these skills of historical enquiry, through a local history study, which again is facilitated by local trips and walks.

Through experiences inside and beyond the classroom

Across the whole school, the pupils are taught using range of resources and sources, to give them varied experiences of history. This includes having people into school to talk about the past, whether this be a historian or a grandparent. In addition, as stated above, the pupils have the opportunity to go on history-related field trips, in order to extend their learning beyond the classroom.

New knowledge and understanding appropriate to their age

Foundation Stage pupils learn through ‘understanding the world’ and this is directly linked to their own experiences of the past.

In KS1, the children learn about what Corsham was like in the past, in living memory and as far back as 1066; explorers and their exploits; how the Romans influenced our local area [Bath]; lives of significant individuals; and the Ancient Egyptians.

At KS2 level, the children study how our local area has changed since 1066, as well as how it was influenced by the World Wars; the Romans; the Mayans; the Greeks; and the Sumerians.

How to keep themselves safe

When using the internet to access historical resources, children are encouraged to search safely and use child friendly sites such as Swiggle. During lessons, children have access to a wide range of resources to support their learning and are taught to respect these.