Planning for School Closure due to Covid 19

Spring is almost here and the children have been working incredibly hard so far this year.  As we start to enjoy the longer days and the warmer weather, the children in Onyx class will be learning all about what life was like in Corsham during World War II.  We know this topic will really grab the children’s attention and the fact that some children may have family or know someone who lived in Corsham during this era, will really help make it all the more real.  We will learn about how daily life changed for people living in Corsham during the War and how many children were evacuated to our market town

Mrs Duffield is looking forward to her second term with the class and will teach on a Wednesday afternoon, a Thursday and a Friday. Mrs Bagnall will continue to teach on a Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday morning. Mrs Wilmshurst stays as our brilliant Teaching Assistant, helping the children with their learning and activities.

There is a link to our curriculum map and topic overview on this page.

PE is on Tuesdays and Fridays. Please ensure that your child has a change of t-shirt, shorts (joggers can be worn during chillier weather) and suitable PE shoes (daps). T-shirts should be white and shorts should be black. All items of your child’s school uniform and PE kit should be clearly named.

Below is some guidance which will support you and your child in making good progress throughout the year:

· Asking them about what they have learned about in school that day.

· Discussing the topics that are being covered together.

· Reading about the topics at home.

· Visiting the library to find out more about the topics for the term.

· Bringing anything relevant into school to share with the class if your child would like to.

· Practising spellings (see list below)

· Learning times tables and helping with your child’s maths target.

All children should be reading at home DAILY and bringing their reading records to school every day to change their books. Please sign your child’s reading record each time they read at home.

Free readers are now encouraged to change their own books. Please help your child to write the name of the book in the reading record. The children can change their reading books by popping them into the reading book box in the mornings. Feel free to talk to us or write a message in your child’s reading record if you feel their reading book is too easy or too challenging.

Thank you for your continued support. Please do pop in to see us if you have any questions regarding your child’s progress or wellbeing.

Chatter Topics

When was World War II?

Why did it happen?

Which countries were involved

How did Corsham change during World War II?

What buildings in Corsham were used in the war effort?

How did the role of women change in Corsham during World War II?

What was the “Blitz”?

Why were children evacuated to Corsham?

What food did they eat during World War II?

Extra-Curricular Activities

Pack a suitcase of things you would take away with you if you were being evacuated. Take a photo or draw a picture to show us.

Draw a picture of London during the Blitz.

Make a box for a gas mask – use a box or make up your own using the net of a cube or cuboid.

Create a label to wear as an evacuee.

Imagine you are being evacuated – write a letter to the family you will be living with and tell them all about you.

Make up a war-time meal using only rationed foods.

Clothes were rationed to people had to make do and mend – can you mend or patch some of your clothes that are torn or wearing out.

Create a poster reminding people to “black out” their windows at night.

To find out more about what your child will be learning, please download the Topic Web and overview documents below.

Spring Term 4

Spring Term 3

Autumn Term 2

Autumn Term 1

Websites to support your learning…

Below is a link to the NSPCC website. This is not only a good website for information but also some super activities and games for children.