At Corsham Regis we aim to inspire children to make them life- long learners. In Mathematics, we aim for every child to leave KS2 confident in number facts and able to apply those facts to reason and problem solve.

Maths throughout the school is taught using the mastery approach. Where children are encouraged to engage with maths through using whole class and group sessions, using concrete resources to support learning at all stages before moving on to record methods more formally.

In Key Stage 1 pupils receive an hour of mathematics planning each day, whilst in Key Stage 2 the children are taught maths for 1 hour and 20 minutes each day, in two sessions.

The first session of 20 minutes focuses on arithmetic and the recall of key number facts: counting, number bonds, multiplication and division facts, prime numbers, square numbers etc. These are practised using iPads, board games, chanting, singing and though paired and group work. This session also allows the children to work on their individual and group targets in maths.

Children are encouraged to talk about their maths and are encouraged through the support of ‘Working Walls’ in every classroom, to use mathematical vocabulary, to explain their methods and reasoning.

Through a cross curricular approach, children are using and applying their mathematical skills in different contexts, giving meaning and purpose to their work.

Interventions for all abilities are planned and delivered by both teachers and teaching assistants, across the school to support and encourage all learners to reach their full potential.

As with the hands on resources, teachers use the internet via their interactive whiteboards to access games, programs and other devices, all in search of real-life, stimulating and understandable maths.

Mathletics is used throughout the school and can be accessed at home for the children to practise mathematical skills and consolidate their learning.