Art and Design

Children are encouraged to produce creative work, exploring their ideas and communicate their thoughts, perceptions, experiences and observations through a variety of 2-D and 3-D Art media, such as drawing, painting and sculpture. It allows imagination to have a real place in the communication of ideas and to be able to record visually feelings about the environment and place in which we live. Art is also used to support the learning in other subjects.

It is important that through exposure to a rich diversity of art, from different cultures, periods in history and contemporary artists, children can develop a greater understanding and appreciation of stimuli and techniques employed. KS 2 children will also learn about artists, craft makers and designers and evaluate and analyse their work using the language of art. As they progress, they are encouraged to extend ideas and become more discriminating in their choice of materials and attention to detail and understand the historical and cultural development of their art forms.

Children’s work is displayed around the school and valued. They learn to mount their own work and choose how this might be achieved. Corsham Regis has its own Arts Week every year, where larger projects are developed for the school. 

Corsham Regis has achieved Magenta ARTSMARK

The school has successfully achieved the prestigious ‘Artsmark’ Magenta award – a nationally recognised award that acknowledges the various art activities that the school is participating in, both in ordinary lesson time and with visiting artists. Previously we have used the Take One Picture – The National Art Gallery projects in London as a basis for inspiring a term’s learning for the whole school.  Below is an example of this, when we used the painting ‘Mr and Mrs Andrews’ and as a school this was our starting point to explore and create our own masterpieces. Pictures are below.